The Toothless Minotaur

"I have a feeling I forgot something"

With Arabel still smoking, our heroes seek the aid of gods to fight Shar’s disciples. The gods didn’t seem to keen on helping, but were nice enough to play trumpets for us. Magic showed us the way towards our goal and we headed for the barren wasteland of Anauroch. Then we went back because we forgot horses and water and food and hats and camels and probably other stuff. We went back, got horses and water and food and stuff, turned around and headed to the desert again. A few days in, we met some nice nomaads and spent the day with them. The next day we were ambushed by citizens of the City of Shade. Wi kikt der asses and took their sky steeds. We took one of them prisoner, the poor guy. But hey – he got free acupuncture and was set free.



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