The Toothless Minotaur

A Long Hunt

Dear Log. You probably thought you were getting the exciting story of how we overcome diversity (and a lich) and got our treasure.

Alas, that will have to wait until next time. Instead you will get a story of guts and wraiths, lycantropic cultists and those damnable psionics.

It started at a party hosted by my lovely Miss Zatchkoff. I met a charming old acquaintance of mine, the archmage Gullbart, with whom I have lost many a gold piece to the dice. I also managed to convince Ka’Fain to use his oracular powers to find out why people die when around Lady Tolstoff, whom I have long suspected of being “in the know” regarding her brother’s heinous deeds.

While Ka’Fain easily got access to the lady’s bedchambers in order to oracularize her dreams, Gullbart and I travelled to Muddpuddle to reopen my investigation.

While we discovered little of my old target, the mysterious Varg and his gnome pal, we found the path to the crime scene where we assumed the old people of Mudpuddle had been sacrificed to dark and horrid being. (Note to self: must by flying chair).

We found an ancient altar, several bags and bits of human remains, and some powerful wraiths which we halfway dispatched.

Meanwhile, Ka’Fain discovered a psionic conspiracy, as they were obviously involved in the lay Tolstuff’s nighttime troubles, as well as numerous other crimes I suspect.

However, after lots of running, flying, teleportation, searching and divination, we left the psionics for now, (I am sure they’ll be back soon enough) and followed Varg, who now seemed increasingly to be acting on an agenda unrelated to Lady Tolstoff, to the Dalelands. We found his tracks in Misteldale and caught up with him, but woe! The Deception! ’Twas only a clone of foul worms and twigs. With a little backtracking and a lot of cunning, we tracked him down to a small farmstead and managed to capture him, and save a number of thankful formers in the process. Now he is rotting in prison, and we are plotting our next move.



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