The Toothless Minotaur

Fire in Paradise

Whoohoo, whoohoo, hohohohoooooiuuu….
KF made portal (Gate) – great idea.. then jumped through and is keeping it open…
Then demon-thingy jmped after. Awesomness, now we have super-monster in “Le City” and portal is closed. The rest of the party is now stuck here with demontyingy #2. I am paralyzed and Edgar jumped DAZED through portal before it closed.

The Pit Fiend spread havoc in Arabel until it took and arrow to the knee throat. We saved the city from the devil that entered through KF’s Gate. I have found our next target. The House of the Triad. Resupply time.

The Pit Fiend:
First Target: Quickened Fireball against Lomdath, the finest tailor in town. Not any more.
Meteor Strike toward a random cluster.
Second Target: Quickened Fireball against another small cluster of buildings. Mwuahahahaha! Burn puny humans!
More fireballs!
Finally someone targets me. Arrg! Auch! The pains! My precious blood is being lost. Damned humans!
I’ll be back!

Random Eyewitness
It was a beautiful day in Arabel, the sun was high in the sky and turned the white snow into small rivers of cold water that ran down the rooftiles a victim of gravity. On it’s way down to the ground it caught the light and, just for a split second, shone line a diamond in the air. It was a beautiful sight, Landas thought. He was on his way to work. Just minutes ago he had kissed his wife goodbye and promised to pick up their two children at Lomdath’s Tailor shop. Their children were both half-elves and loved to play with the tailor’s dog. A decade years ago, Landas had met their mother in the forest of Cormanthor, he had instantaneously falled in low with the human “damsel in distress” and thankfully the feelding was mutual.

Now they lived a peaceful live in Arabel and he had just gotten a new job at the local bakery. It was a nice neighborhood, while following the smell of freshly baked bread he greeted old Lady Tatcher, the midwife that had helped his wife during labour. He stopped when he saw the friendly dwarf-merchant Master Piddock turning around a corner. The old dwarf always made his day lighter.

“Greetings, my good dwarf”, he called when he got closer.
“Greetings to you as well my friend the elf”, the dwarf said back “it is SUCH a great day, isn’t…” The dwarf’s words seemed to be stuck in his throat.
“Is everything well?” Landas asked concerned. He followed the dwarf’s gaze towards the sky and saw what had caused the dwarf to become starstruck. High over the city there was a shining oval disk, no… a portal. Landas had been around wizards enough to recognize one. But there was not just a portal, just in front of it he could see a person he could recognize anywhere… it was the Holy Man and High Priest and Baron Extraordinary Ka’Fan, illuminated in that radiant light that he was known for. Landas couldn’t suppress a grin, surely the High Priest would grant the city with some kind of wondrous display to celebrate spring.

Landas was just about to say something to his friend when his eyes caught the sight of something else in the portal… or no, it was something, something big, and it was coming through the portal. At first Landas thought it was an angel, but this was no holy creature. The shape that came through the portal was a creature with blood-red skin stretched tight over bulging muscles. A pair of equally red wings that dripped smoke kept the creature aloft and it’s hideous face contained a grinning jaw with fangs that surely must have been the size of daggers. A devil, a pit fiend. Landas saw that his friend’s face had gone ashen. Why had Ka’Fan brought such horror into Arabel?! As Landas saw the first barrage of deadly fireballs he started to run, his blood went cold when he realized where those balls of fire would land.



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