The Toothless Minotaur

One dark dungeon and a darker shadow

By Edgar Gone fishing! Got a big spider using priest bait. Flying Kick brings it down. DF kill three spiders, and scares the last.

By Edgar’s magic hand Sorry about the previous entries, I was drinking a LOT when I was writing, so my handwriting sucked.

Anyways, we are currently underground. We met some spiders and drows. They died. NP.

Found cave exit. Went outside. This turned out to be a “secret” entrance to the Shadowdark from the hill The Old Skull.

Found a spider-like foe, and we smoat his ruin upon the ground (that means we killed it like we d everyone else…). We r0×0r. It was a Fiendish Bebilith btw. Drain cave for water, walk to water-cave exit 5, find Batcave, walk back to exit 4. Go through hidden underwater passage and find a mummy, but it sees us and runs away. We split up.

TT and KF goes right, we (DF+EE) follow teh mummy, kill it, kill others. KILLING SPREE!!!

We met a crazy eye-meatball of destruction, but it was too phat to follow us into the tunnel, so we just left it in the dark.

We find a room full of undead, and a Banelar (cousin of Nagas). KF turns undead like Tyr himself, and kill 5 skeletons in a single holy round! He keeps on pwning n00bs. Turn undead has gr8 results. We win as usual. We free prisoners and brag a bit. We are awesome, prisoners agree. We evacuate the 180 prisoners past the Beholder. Only 2 casualties, Gabor 5 and 6. They will be forever remembered!

We go back to The Twisted Tower of Ashaba, “borrow” some uniforms and start operations: “Sneaky-Sneaky”. We find a nice kitchen dude, Peter Istvan, who shows us a secret way to the private chambers of the Lord of Shadowdale. We pretend to be brining him wine and cheese, and bonk him in the head. An evil spirit (shadow) escapes his body. We taunt him, hit him, 2x HADOUKEN and bitch goes down! Smuggle body out of castle on boat and bring Peter with us.


Dwarf joined group – Tordek Thunderbolt! ACTION!!! Shadowdale!

Alvenkilling tough half-orc with fullplate and axe in surprise round.

Alven kills 5 Zentharims and 1 innocent villager. (EE hits one too, and expended a healing potion to bring him back)

11 dead Zentharims.

Old Skull inn Trouble – 12 Zentharims dead Escaping from 2nd patrol through secret tunnel in in which leads to the bottom of a crevice.

History time (see GM comment).

Fight shadow-spider. Elf rides the back of Edgar’s owl. Kills spider and feather fall saves the elf.

Meet drows. EE cast Fly on Dwarf.

DM called Edgar ‘tough’!

Elf kills all the drows, even steal the last kill from TT (dwarf).

Explore drow lair.

Find subterrain lake with twisted shadowstuff fang dragon that attacks from water. It also drains spells! Killed by the elf.

More drows, Fireball kills 5 676 drows. Dwarf is wounded in the process. Orb of Force takes care of the last drow.

Loot :D

The Direct Approach

Present: EE, DF, Sszen, Alven

Sleep in new fortress

Defended fortress against invading Zenthish patrol, 13 kills.

Continue sleeping in said fortress.

Explore the Twisted Tower of Ashaba, go looking for ’’morning-grim’’ (Mourngrym, the Lord of Shadowdale).

We attack the tower Twisted Tower.

The bow of the ’’Alven’’ makes hurt.

Sszven butches level 1 people on top of tower.

Edgar Disintigrates the dragon (foulwing) of an enemy wizard.

The wizard was inpolite and counters Edgar’s Scorcherer. Divine Fury makes a flank attack on the wizard and brings him to the ground.

Sszven (a warmage) goes into a boxing match against a hardcore half-orc armed with fullplate and battleaxe. K.O in round 2.

Search/rescue/retrive mission to find Sszven’s body. Meet two balhannoths.

Mission failed!!!

TP‘ed to home sweet home.

Sell loot. 120K GP divided by 7.

Attack on Castle Krag

We GTFO , find castle, how to kill people inside? Fireball…. screams and people rolling on the floor. They send dogs, we send wolfie. They send statues, we send Divine Fury! People climb up the back of the castle, getting XP for breathing. They suck. Typical elvenkind.

Edgar got really cocky after one-shotting a golem. We enter castle, kill demons’n shit, dance a little. (PETEZATIEM).

Continue down dungeon, awesome fights. Lots of awesome magic tricks. Kill Shadow, block portal, rescue dude. Dude gave us CASTLE!! We have a new, super duper awesum hideout!

Happy ppl everywhere!

More l00t selling, and a nasty surprise

Ka’Fain didn’t have to die after all! We get the fuck away to our secret HIDEOUT (long live Teleport!)

Spell stuff/research & shopping.

We didn’t go back to the Fox Ridge (the Grinding Gulf), because it felt a bit strange. Instead we went to Watcher’s Knoll and killed st00pid skeletal dragon, and warthog/monkey demon.

We see a silver flame rising from the sarcophagus in the tomb.

Woman appears, falls in love, kisses us. Get quest, save magic in the free world. Sounds simple. She kissed me <3

Into the Grinding Gulf
wtfpwn and angry demons

Drow has been named: Sszven Teken’th Traps in the dark starts the day off. But flying shoes work wonders.

Met two Helmed Horrors, summoned wolves which bit the mobs to death and peed on the remains.

New room, two gargoyles at firste, then two more. Long fight without much damage. EE one-shotted one of them by Disintegration, next round Ka’Fan one-shotted two (yes, 2)! with his amazing FLAME STRIKE!!!! (thank Tyr (god)). One little shit got away.

EE feels a disturbance in the Force Wave.

KF kills the one that got away in room with phat loot again. Big Bronze KEY!

We sleep because stoopid Drow is useless after using all his spells today. IS sleeping really safe???? Turns out sleeping was, in fact, safe. yay…..

While bashing the front door, four mummies ambushed and cursed Sszven. He’s not feeling too great, but KF stopped the spread of the curse. Doggies ate mummies/walking bandages. Great fun. Enter cave through secret door. Found some retarded drows in the dark. Our drow tricked them to open a scroll conveniently trapped with Explosive Runes.


Sucker blew up…. we continued to slay the rest. Easy piecey. Extracted last one (of the surviving drows) for information. Warmage Narhaun. Stole his nice stuff. Sszven even got a new pet: Nudleif the Riding Lizard. He is green. And big. We went up toa great big door, everyone went dark and we were pwned. Had to retreat, regroup and make a plan… Where is Nudleif?

Enter room, together we start WTF-pwning all in there because we feel like it. Polar bearz + Disintegrate ftw. Sszven is also there… New room. Very dark here… EE shrugs off a Slay Living as if nothing happens. A huge ass four-armed demon stood in the shadows laughing, dancing and saying “can’t touch this”! Soon killed gargantuan centipede!! Summoned retard who died(?) by grappling polar bear (1337). A blind KF is about to shit his pants… Shit!!!!


March 23rd
Lots of Loot selling

Sold loot from Ravenloft: Hour of the Knife Peeps present: Alven, E. Eplekjekk, Ka’Fan Setter oss på bar, og infom people about my arch-enemy: Mrs Owner-of-dragons. She has phat loot, and I want it back! Beer’s nice though. We all agree she’s going down. After shopping, going to war in Shadowdale. Meet Drow, arrive in Shadowdale. Soup at tavern. Jahele Silvermane: inkeep Stupid Ka’Fan went flying. Guards didn’t really love it.

Slept safely.

People not suspicious. Scrying for EE’s RING, stolen by dragon bitch. He sees a mountain. Identified as Fox Ridge. We go to Fox Ridge, arrive at dusk. Approach Grinding Gulch. Stone to flesh on big bad door, chop it down. Reflex save! Edgar hit by lightning. 17 damage. Behir with Shadow went down in 2 short rounds. Polar bear rocks!


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