The Toothless Minotaur

Cave Cleaning

Cleared Tom’s Keep!
Loot and happiness!
Dwarf Died

We then claimed the gem mine

the Dragon didn’t answer our challenge :( the Big White coward

The Great Oracle said that Eagle Peak has been attacked. So we are going to the nest.

The Damnation!!

Everything is burned frozen to the ground.

We hear that the dragon is in High Horn, so we go there to kill it.

Krikk attacked the castle together with golems and giants.

the dwarf died

We fought hard and long against the dragon. It looked wounded befire it ran away :)



Peeps present: EE, RD

Today has been a politics day. Lots of influence and support has been gathered.

Edgar went to the Sunless Citadel, found a bunch of minotaurs.
missed with a Disintegrate ray
Killed them all and made a nice full sized faerezz infused minotaur statue for the garden.

Edgar and Thordekk Throatripper made a deal with the goblin tribe of Gwarch.

Abandoned Keep has been cleared from the mountain trolls!

Looting time!

Hunting A Dragon

Peeps present: EE, KF, /RD

We started out in the ruined army camp, and took what we wanted from there. That included the head of our big teddy bear friend. We went to High Hrothgar Horn to tell people about our deeds. Got generally positive responses. We decided to take the army for a walk for a few days. I think they liked it, it was getting a bit stuffy up in the ol’ fort. Then we went to the dragon’s cave, but it wasn’t home. There were some intruders there, but we did the dragon a favor, and kicked them out. Filthy giants and golems… We figured that we could help the dragon by moving it’s hoard, because anyone could walk right in and take it. We put it in the Chult Temple previously liberated from the nasty snake infestation. Left the dragon a note saying: “Thanks for the stuff. If you want it back, go to the Stonelands. KF”. Heh….

The Epic Battle Above the Cormyrian Highlands

Dungeon date: 4th of Marpenoth ADR 2012

Years have passed since I last wrote in this book. But no worries… lol. We are currently in the mountains close to Skull Crag, hunting Krikk, the White Dragon. It has been terrorizing the towns and cities of Cormyr, and must be slain. Here we go:

Peeps Present: Ka’Fain, Edgar Eplekjekk, Rabid Dwarf (Thordekk Throatripper)

OK. We continue from last time and we save the poor sods who survived the dragon attack at Skull Crag. After returning them to wherever (Fortress High Horn), we went to the DRAGON’S CAVE! But… The dragon wasn’t home. Bummer. We teased some stupid giants instead. But whatever we said, they didn’t attack. Bummer… We moved on and followed the tracks of Krikk’s gigantic army. We finally found the main tent where some scraggly looking bear was running things lol. A few magic tricks later, the teddy was slain and the army was fleeing. lol again.

EE, the Great Hero rescued some captives in the (party-)tent while KF participated in an epic AIRBATTLE against a 4-armed demon – A NYCALOTH!! :O

At one point in the duel, the demon had a nasty crit, where the greataxe he wielded hit the back of KF’s armor! FROM THE INSIDE!!!! (OH NOOOO!!)
But luckily he has the bestest friend in the while wide world. EE spun the fate in KF’s favor which led to KF not dying anal and things became rainbowy and great and the good guys won. YAY!!!

But like everything else, it ran away. And a shaman biatch was Disintegrated for trying to cheat by interfering in the epic duel.

Assassins and a new warrior

Elf chillin’ at The Manticore Inn in Waterdeep. Met up wiht a Gruesome and bloodthirsty half-man named Hans Alag. Together they went on a mission for the noble family Ander of Waterdeep.

On the way towards “Vampire-Fang”, the hideout where the mission objective lies, 3 Gorgons stalked the elf + Hans! But they all died swiftly to Hans’ bloodthristy scythe and the elf’s piercing shots.

Finally, by one of the towers near Vampire Fang, Hans and the elf decided to roleplay as a wandering brothel! GASP Elf fails to assassinate a kobold named Garble, Hans 1-shots the guarding drow-spider.

Whilst exploring further, Hans insta-gibbs 2 more guards, laughin while their heads rolls on the ground.

Tried to cross the chasm that splits the towers, met a fire elemental, ran back, and Hans cleaved two guards in halves! Found out that the “master” was in contact with The Shadow Thieves. Explore further, got allied with green-blue giant.

Started fighting at the bridge against fire elemental, 12 gargoyles.

Hans had a deathwish, jumped off the bridge, swung with the rope with grappling hook that he threw at the same time and MADE IT!!

2 gargoyles gets smashed into rubble!

Hans cleaved down 3 more gargoyles in one single turn!!

Halfling appears, just to vanish the next round!

Elf bitch with greatsword appears, taunts Hans and bids up for an epic battle!

Our allied giant falls against a horde of undead! RIP Firegut :(

Hans killed Vargik (elf-bitch). Alven does a volley of death on the gnome Thyrok the Hobbit and turns him into a voodoo doll.

Hans and Alven then decides to run for it and leaves the tower/bridge after a successful loot/pillage!

Into Undermountain

We are in the depths of UNDERMOUNTAIN!
In search of the bitch ArchWinter. On the way, KF use Find the Path and Windwalk to prevent us from getting lost in this Labyrinth of Certain Death!!

We find a city in the dark and humid cavesystem, inhabited by foul creatures! (Read: Orcs, Drows, Dwarves).

KF and Elf fights in the Pit to earn some $$ + so does DF.

DF meets a dude named “Sam” (tells her he has info regarding Archwinter!). Trades info vs escort to the surface.

Last battle in the Pit vs GALIAN THE MINOTAUR! KF gets gibbed and Elf surrenders w/ 2 HP!

The Last Battle

Get supplies in Cormyr, letz kik sum Zentharim azz.

We find out we need to kill Sirrussus, a giant spider-like foe. Its poison take down Da Elf, but KF’s Slay Living !! Kills the beast. Easy as pie. DM angry :(

We fly into town, and shoot the sentries on top of the Old Skull. THey shout “Alarm!”. Let’s see what happens.


We were raped by Alokkair, Zentharims and loads of heroes. EE is taken prisoner, the rest of us are in our sanctuary.

Let’s hope for the best.

In Shadowdale, after the battle
The four were seated around a dark table made of marble. Each of them represented the various factions that had fought for the control of Shadowdale. Two of the four were original members. The lich Alokkair and the drow priestess Aunrae Dhuurniv. The remaining members of the quad had to step up since the original representative for their faction had been killed earlier in the war.

“Every breath that creature takes is an insult to my House!” Aunrae pushed her chair away from the black marble table and started to pace around it.
“I say we bring him to Zenthil Keep for a public execution,” she heard someone suggest. The voice came from the Zentharim representative. A middle aged muscular soldier named Garrison, Aunrae didn’t like him. Then again, she didn’t like any of the surfacers in this alliance. The soldier continued: “I mean, we already have him chained to a wall, what danger is he to us?”.
“Just like a mortal to show such ignorance,” the icy voice of Alokkair the Lich cut through the air. “As your late High-Captain, you are about to make a fatal mistake. If it had not been for my help you Zenths would have had to bring news to Fzoul that Shadowdale had been lost.”

The forth member at the table finally spoke up: “I tend to agree with the Zentharim on this matter…” he cleared his throat when the drow priestess and the lich both turned their eyes towards him. “… at least partly. The wizard needs to be made an example of. With the latest victory in Shadowdale the resistance is all but gone, however the countryside is still teeming with freedom fighters. Perhaps if we displayed the head of the wizard the last hope of the rebels would be crushed.”

The others nodded.

“It’s decided then,” the lich said. “The wizard must die.”

The Uprising

Drama in the washroom! We get info from woman, and we will KILL Drows!

We decided to loot a great big caravan. Epik fighting with kool wind rakes ridden by mages. The mages and the caravan have phat loot that the villagers will use to repel the invaders of Shadowdale. The strongest of the mages had on him EE’s SUPER RING and Alokkair’s bracelet (probably). We go into rown, and witness the beginning of a public execution. We have to stop it!We stop it! [illegible dwarven runes] The rebellion has started!

Meanwhile, in the Cormanthor forest not far from Misteldale….
She was momentarly blinded by the snow as she emerged from her tent. The guard standing just outside caught the movement of the tent flap and snapped to attention as his High Captain Darkhope emerged.

Darkhope gave a short nod to the saluting guard and started walking towards the tent of her officers. As the walked towards it she noticed several of the low ranking officers scurrying out of her way. Darkhope smiled in satisfaction, 10 years ago she had been hunting the same people on behalf of Tyr the Betrayer. Thankfully Fzoul Chembryl, the High Priest of the Zentharims, had been there to show her how she could redeem herself and seek vengeance on those who had abandoned her. In return for her loyalty to the Zentharims – the Black Network as it was sometimes called – she had been given the rank of High Captain and the title of Baroness.

Baroness Darkhope, she liked the sound of the name, she remembered with fondness how pleased she had been when she received that title. Her smile widened even further as she let her thoughts dwell on her current one – Viscountess. A title, Fzoul had promised, that would be escalated to Countess once her campaign on Shadowdale and Mistledale had been successful. The smile reached her ears.

Realizing that she was probably grinning like a fool, Darkhope checked herself before entering the tent. Inside it she saw Azailon, her First Captain, talk to some of the lieutenants. She also noticed that two of her personal bodyguards were present. They were devils, a gift from Fzoul. The two devils flanked a cloaked person, she didn’t recognize him and turned her attention to the First Captain.

“Report!” she demanded.
The officers snapped to attention and fists were slapped to the chain over their hearts.
“Lady, 50 more men joined our ranks since last morning, that brings the number of this camp up to over 800 strong, with more than a thousand of our men scattered among the other camps. This is not including our agents and cells who are still in hiding. Our scouts reports some elven activity in the periphery of our camp but are still keeping a good job feeding the tree-huggers misleading clues about our true numbers.”

Darkhope nodded, keeping more than a battalion men hidden from the watchful eyes of Mistledale’s scouts had been no easy task and she owed a great deal of the success to the scouts from the city of Shade.

“What about our garrison in Shadowdale?”. No answer came. “Well?!”. She pressed. The sudden silence from the big First Captain was uncharacteristic. She saw him shot a quick glance towards the person standing between the devils.
“Who is this man?”
“He is Mazilon, Lady High Captain, one of Eregul’s”, the First Captain stepped up to her side and handed her a small object, it was a ring, one that identified the stranger as a Skymage.

Of course, Eregul’s Skymages often wore magical disguises as a protection against assassination attempts, that was why she hadn’t recognized him. Why Eregul had sent one of his lessers perplexed, and on a deeper level, worried her.

“Well then, speak!”, she moved closer to the wizard as she sized him up, he looked nervous.
“L-la-Lady,” he stammered, “I regret to inform you that we ha-have run into s-s-some problems with the operation. The caravan we sent for after the destruction of the portal has – has been lost.”

Darkhope froze. Lost. As in ‘gone’? Who would dare? She felt her previous worry being replaced by anger. Without supplies the standing garrison would have to turn to looting and pillaging of the Dale. “What do you mean ‘lost’, wizard? When? Where? Who?!”
The Skymage was visibly shaken. “Just yesterday, at the crossroad north of the village proper. I am the only survivor, after I made my report to the First Captain in Shadowdale….”. He swallowed. “… a rebellion broke loose.”

A sword came clear of it’s scabbard. “WHAT?!!!!” The Skymage suddenly found himself with his back up against the two devils and his throat up against the sword of Darkhope. She let some of her inner magic seep into her voice. “Answer quick or I will flense your sorry hide and trap your soul between this world and the afterlife!”

“A rebellion Mistress…. the villagers revolted, they are lead by a band of adventures at least four strong. The… the Tower is under siege. Th….” His sentence was cut short as Darkhope drove her sword through his guts. She turned around to face her officers, her voice shaking with rage. “Assemble the army! We are returning to Shadowdale NOW!” She turned to her bodyguards. “Get the others, and get my steed, we are moving ahead to coordinate the defence until the main force arrive.” The two devils grinned and went on to the task. Darkhope turned around to the gasping Skymage, still impaled on her sword. “And you!,” the grabbed the hilt of her sword. “Your chance of redemption is still within your grasp, return to Shadowdale and notify Eregul that he is to assemble all the Skymages in the Twisted Tower. If you survive the wounds until the task is done I might still value you as useful.” The next words that came from the Skymage shocked the High Captain. “Mistress, the adventures…. they killed Eregul.” Darkhope shrieked as she spun around, the guts of the Skymage went flying into the air.

Into the Lich's Gauntlet

Peeps present: E. Eplekjekk, KF, He + She-elf.

We are in a cave, outside Lich door. Dark. We open the door, and see an imaginary Beholder. We walk into a room where we found a woman (Dead) and her two bodyguards. We lure one of the bodyguards away from the woman, and kill him.

Elves open door to the Grinding Gulf, something happens. We find new guy, Nyx. Elf too. Moon elf.

We fight woman and remaining bodyguard. And then we go through lots of secret tunnels, and suddenly find an epic fight in a huge-ass cave. We kill the Metal Golem-cuntrolling woman with FIRE!

In the middle of the room, there is black orb of death magic which suppresses normal magic. Silvery-flame-woman-God kills black orb, and we see that during the fight, our “beloved” she-elf has fallen. Lots of epciness and XP for quest completion. Let’s kill a Lich. OK, let’s not kill it…. Negotiations end with us accepting a quest from him: Get a bracelet for the Lich, from a Zentharim (Eregul) within 10 days.

Elves and ghosts

The elves run away from ghosts.

We turn around and kill them.

EE explored the next room and angered a golem.

Two assassins tried to kill us (Babau demons). We killed them after a hard fight. No loot :(

Found lots of secret doors.

Antimagic field is active here.


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