Azalar Falconhand



Azalar Falconhand is the prisioner the PCs rescued from the dungeon beneath Castle Krag.

Despite his young age (16 years old), Azalar is already over 6 feet tall with a powerful build and long, silver hair worn in a thick braid. Uncommon to a normal human, he has pointed ears like an elf, almond-shaped eyes and tiny horns hidden beneath his bangs.


It is said that Azalar Falconhand is the son of the Harper Dove Falconhand and her husband Florin Flaconhand. According to myth, these two were ordered by the Gods Mielikki and Mystra to wed and concive a child who would bring light to the darkness.

Over the years, Azalar have travelled wide stretches in Cormanthyr, gaining friendship with the fay folk that call the forest their home. As such, he’s not only an influential leader among in the Dalelands, but also a mighty enemy to those who attempt to invade his home. The Zentharims recognized this threat, and the High Captain Scylla Darkhope made sure Azalar was captured before the invasion of Shadowdale.

Now freed from the clutches of his captors, Azalar Falconhand intends to call on the aid of his allies and assist the PCs in the battle to regain control of Shadowdale.

Azalar Falconhand

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