The silver flame in the tomb

Silver flame seen in the tomb on top of Watcher's Knoll


The silver flame in the tomb was probably a reference to the signature silver flame employed by Mystra’s Chosen. Considering the tomb itself was the one of Aumry Obarskyr, a previous Lord of Shadowdale. He, himself, was a great wizard when he lived, however there are no references as to wether or not he was a true Chosen.

More interestingly, is the fact that Aumry Obarskyr married one of the Seven Sisters, all Mystra’s Chosen and, some say, daughters of The Mother of All Magic, Mystra herself.

If this is true, it is more likely to believe that the silver flame in the tomb was a part of, or perhaps even one of the Seven Sisters. What is known is that at least two Sisters call Shadowdale their home, Storm Silverhand, and her deceased sister, the Witch of Shadowdale.

Still other speculations are at hand, considering the grave situation of the Weave Unwinding there is a possibility that the silver flame was a representative of the Goddess Mystra. This is backed up by the fact that everyone present in the chamber was bestowed Mystra’s Kiss.

Whichever explanation is the toad’s toasted truth still remains to be seen…


The silver flame in the tomb

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