[Guild] Order of the High Tower

The local Wizard's Guild in Arabel


The Order of the High Tower is the local branch of the much larger Wizard’s Guild of Cormyr.

The local authority is the elderly High Mage Ryan “Firehair” MacKinnit.

About the Guild

The guild is mainly open to wizards, but also scorcerers, warmages and adepts are welcome here. Warlocks and hexblades are viewed upon with suspicion, but there’s no official phrobition for them to apply to the guild.

Minimal entry requirements (apart from having at least one level in any of the above mentioned classes) reflect the traditional skills a user of the Wave should be proficient in, at least 4 ranks in any of the following skills is necessary to be even considered as a member. Concentration Craft (Alchemy) Decipher Script Knowledge (Arcana) Spellcraft Use Magic Device

Entry Fee and Monthly Fee The application itself is a non-refundable fee of 50 GP If accepted, the new member must pay an additional entry fee of 30 GP The monthly fee is 5 GP per character level. It is possible to pay up to half a year in advance. All members are also required to donate a copy of any uncommon spells to the library (any spells found that are not found in PHB 1).

Guild Benefits Members of the guild enjoy several benefits. Located in the middle of a major city in Arabel, the compound of the Order of the High Tower sports several sleeping halls where members can stay for up to a ten-day each month. Additional time can be arranged for the fee of 1 SP per day. Free access to the kitchen is also included. However if the member desires food outside the regular meals served three times a day, he will have to provide his own food (the employed cooks will prepare it).

As a Wizard’s Guild, resources are easily available, all creation of magical items have their GP cost reduced by 5%.

Further, all spells found in the PHB 1 may be copied to a member’s spellbook free of charge.


[Guild] Order of the High Tower

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