The Toothless Minotaur

The Epic Battle Above the Cormyrian Highlands

Dungeon date: 4th of Marpenoth ADR 2012

Years have passed since I last wrote in this book. But no worries… lol. We are currently in the mountains close to Skull Crag, hunting Krikk, the White Dragon. It has been terrorizing the towns and cities of Cormyr, and must be slain. Here we go:

Peeps Present: Ka’Fain, Edgar Eplekjekk, Rabid Dwarf (Thordekk Throatripper)

OK. We continue from last time and we save the poor sods who survived the dragon attack at Skull Crag. After returning them to wherever (Fortress High Horn), we went to the DRAGON’S CAVE! But… The dragon wasn’t home. Bummer. We teased some stupid giants instead. But whatever we said, they didn’t attack. Bummer… We moved on and followed the tracks of Krikk’s gigantic army. We finally found the main tent where some scraggly looking bear was running things lol. A few magic tricks later, the teddy was slain and the army was fleeing. lol again.

EE, the Great Hero rescued some captives in the (party-)tent while KF participated in an epic AIRBATTLE against a 4-armed demon – A NYCALOTH!! :O

At one point in the duel, the demon had a nasty crit, where the greataxe he wielded hit the back of KF’s armor! FROM THE INSIDE!!!! (OH NOOOO!!)
But luckily he has the bestest friend in the while wide world. EE spun the fate in KF’s favor which led to KF not dying anal and things became rainbowy and great and the good guys won. YAY!!!

But like everything else, it ran away. And a shaman biatch was Disintegrated for trying to cheat by interfering in the epic duel.



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