The Toothless Minotaur

The Last Battle

Get supplies in Cormyr, letz kik sum Zentharim azz.

We find out we need to kill Sirrussus, a giant spider-like foe. Its poison take down Da Elf, but KF’s Slay Living !! Kills the beast. Easy as pie. DM angry :(

We fly into town, and shoot the sentries on top of the Old Skull. THey shout “Alarm!”. Let’s see what happens.


We were raped by Alokkair, Zentharims and loads of heroes. EE is taken prisoner, the rest of us are in our sanctuary.

Let’s hope for the best.

In Shadowdale, after the battle
The four were seated around a dark table made of marble. Each of them represented the various factions that had fought for the control of Shadowdale. Two of the four were original members. The lich Alokkair and the drow priestess Aunrae Dhuurniv. The remaining members of the quad had to step up since the original representative for their faction had been killed earlier in the war.

“Every breath that creature takes is an insult to my House!” Aunrae pushed her chair away from the black marble table and started to pace around it.
“I say we bring him to Zenthil Keep for a public execution,” she heard someone suggest. The voice came from the Zentharim representative. A middle aged muscular soldier named Garrison, Aunrae didn’t like him. Then again, she didn’t like any of the surfacers in this alliance. The soldier continued: “I mean, we already have him chained to a wall, what danger is he to us?”.
“Just like a mortal to show such ignorance,” the icy voice of Alokkair the Lich cut through the air. “As your late High-Captain, you are about to make a fatal mistake. If it had not been for my help you Zenths would have had to bring news to Fzoul that Shadowdale had been lost.”

The forth member at the table finally spoke up: “I tend to agree with the Zentharim on this matter…” he cleared his throat when the drow priestess and the lich both turned their eyes towards him. “… at least partly. The wizard needs to be made an example of. With the latest victory in Shadowdale the resistance is all but gone, however the countryside is still teeming with freedom fighters. Perhaps if we displayed the head of the wizard the last hope of the rebels would be crushed.”

The others nodded.

“It’s decided then,” the lich said. “The wizard must die.”



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