The Toothless Minotaur

Into the Lich's Gauntlet

Peeps present: E. Eplekjekk, KF, He + She-elf.

We are in a cave, outside Lich door. Dark. We open the door, and see an imaginary Beholder. We walk into a room where we found a woman (Dead) and her two bodyguards. We lure one of the bodyguards away from the woman, and kill him.

Elves open door to the Grinding Gulf, something happens. We find new guy, Nyx. Elf too. Moon elf.

We fight woman and remaining bodyguard. And then we go through lots of secret tunnels, and suddenly find an epic fight in a huge-ass cave. We kill the Metal Golem-cuntrolling woman with FIRE!

In the middle of the room, there is black orb of death magic which suppresses normal magic. Silvery-flame-woman-God kills black orb, and we see that during the fight, our “beloved” she-elf has fallen. Lots of epciness and XP for quest completion. Let’s kill a Lich. OK, let’s not kill it…. Negotiations end with us accepting a quest from him: Get a bracelet for the Lich, from a Zentharim (Eregul) within 10 days.



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