The Toothless Minotaur

Into the Maw

Time to face our greatest fear: The Dead Magic Zone! OMG!

We went to do an archaeological dig, where we stumbeled upon the Terraseer’s old wife. She kindly told us where to find His Royal Highness himself. We hired some psionics after some hard negotiations, and went in search for his tomb. We found him encased in a goopy blue cage guarded by nasties.

We broke him free and he knew WAY TOO MUCH about us. Sneaky shit. He took possession of the “Black Blob” and gave us clues about how to destroy the antimagic stuff. It involved pouring sunsuhine on a tree. The obvious answer.

Funnily enough, this was exactly what they had seen happen in a vision 3-4 sessions ago. But yeah, no need to take notes or anything…. even if the GM goes into a long flavor text.

His Highness then showed us the way to an evil demiplane full of bastards! Huge fight! Edgar took a serious crit to da chest. Edgar took a serious crit to the abdomen! Thordekk died for a few short seconds, but we fixed that. Our enemies were Disintegrated and we were happy for a while.

To be continued….



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