The Toothless Minotaur

Hunting A Dragon

Peeps present: EE, KF, /RD

We started out in the ruined army camp, and took what we wanted from there. That included the head of our big teddy bear friend. We went to High Hrothgar Horn to tell people about our deeds. Got generally positive responses. We decided to take the army for a walk for a few days. I think they liked it, it was getting a bit stuffy up in the ol’ fort. Then we went to the dragon’s cave, but it wasn’t home. There were some intruders there, but we did the dragon a favor, and kicked them out. Filthy giants and golems… We figured that we could help the dragon by moving it’s hoard, because anyone could walk right in and take it. We put it in the Chult Temple previously liberated from the nasty snake infestation. Left the dragon a note saying: “Thanks for the stuff. If you want it back, go to the Stonelands. KF”. Heh….



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