The Toothless Minotaur

Detour to Snake Land

Meanwhile, in another dimension...

Today is the birthday of Ka’Fan... we decided to chill at a local bar where we met a she-elf fighter (Phoenix Rising) and Abe the half-elf barbarian with the war cry. Abe gave us a quest to red a temple of an evil god. We keep both Loot and Temple if we suceed. Is a snake God btw.

Note to self: Mention Kåre-Leif the blacksmith in next important talk with important people.

We go to quest-giving magician’s house. Teleport to town full of Nagas (ok, only one, but still). And several yuan’ti. We fool the one that comes up to us, Diplomacy check at 34 easily persuades the sucka and we are told to wait in a house. Ka’Fan hatches a brilliant plan, lands on tha roof where slaves workers are held. Talks to people, get info, will try to save them some day….

We stroll into a fanged cave and upset a heap of bones and an elf. They die.

We crawl up a snake slide, find humans who rat out their snake masters. Valuable information!

Talk to lizard x3. Kill lizard x3 for treasure. Get key. Go back to though lizard man, who finds and amulet for us in a fountain. He proceeds to lead us to a treasure room where we plot to kill the high priests and stuff. Also, we get treshah!!1

We enter the room for which we need the key, where a dragon yells for help. We kill a woman who looks evil, but the dragon goes berserk. Ka’Fan Command it to hit the deck, and who can resist his charms? The dragon sits, and we beat it to -100 NLD with the flat sides of weapons, poor thing. Ka’Fan wants this one as a pet so we tie it up and keep it. KF will train it to becpme a magnificent beast!

We vandalize the place and slay our lizardman guide. Got tired of his slefishness. Portal madness soon followed. At some point we were in

K-19 (zomg!)

Crazy stuff….

Killed a whole prison, except for the prisoners. Went up some crazy stairs where the others dissapeared, but they came back. Loooooooong fight against the Avatar of the Snake God, and with a little miracle and a lot of meat bags we killed him. We saved the city, but we still have to kill the remaining of snake worshippers. KF will build tample to Tyr for his service. Gonna be a long summer for him…..

poor guy.



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